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Know the rules of the game you're playing as a leader.
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Leaders play games.
Before you roll your eyes and scroll away, read to the end.
All human beings negotiate social behavior through establishing rules, norms, systems, and structures for themselves and others.
Then, they enforce that social behavior through relationships with other human beings repetitively in dynamic social environments over a long expanse of time.
In other words: Humans play games.
.Humans play short games, mid range games, and long games.
The behavior of play is important because it socializes the negotiation process so that the game is not so zero-sum all the time, in all relationships
  • Leadership is a behavior
  • Leader's behaviors are bounded by rules of the game they are playing.
  • Leaders and followers alike need to know the rules of the game of leadership they are playing.
  • Knowing the rules--or boundaries--of the game helps everyone negotiate the positive social behavior they want to see over the course of time.
  • Knowing the rules--or boundaries--of the game helps everyone negotiate the negative social behavior they do not want to see over the course of time as well.
Not knowing the rules of the game, (or experiencing the rules changing chaotically during the course of the game, or not understanding the game being played), generates confusion, mistrust, and other dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics between participants in the game.
By the way, games scale very rapidly.
That's how human social behavior transforms over time, resulting in structures for the formation of families, communities, societies, cultures, nation states, and civilizations.
The fact of this dynamic makes all games deadly serious. Even if it pains the players to recognize that fact.
We believe there are 12 Rules to the game of leadership.
Acknowledging and talking about these rules out loud, will help people with the titles of "manager" and "supervisor" play the game of leadership better.
Which will result in better outcomes for everyone over time.
Leaders play games.
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Jesan Sorrells
CEO-Human Services Consulting and Training/Co-Founder - LeadingKeys
Jesan Sorrells serves as the CEO of Human Services Consulting and Training. Founded in 2013 and driven by the desire to see all of the world's problems solved through the effective, intentional application of leadership principles at the place where we spend 80% of our lifetimes--WORK--Jesan Sorrells, started HSCT with $50 and a few ideas.

He is the author of two books, Marketing for PeaceBuilders, and My Boss Doesn't Care, and has a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Jesan has four children, two cats (they're great), and multiple responsibilities on non-profit boards and is active in his local church community.

His favorite quote (at least for 2020...) is: “The release of Internet communication power has changed everything except our ways of thinking ... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only Google had known, they would have been better off becoming watchmakers.`` ~ adapted from Albert Einstein
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